If you are looking for a reason to switch to the Apple iPhone, this article might just persuade you. University of Toronto researchers found hundreds of Android apps that have not disclosed third-party advertising or analytics services that were actively collecting personal information.

For example if you give a weather app on your phone permission to use your location to obtain more accurate forecasts, there is the possibility that a third-party advertising service is also harvesting your personal information.

These apps are legally obligated to inform you of third-party data collection utilities are installed, however as the researchers found hundreds do not.


Reading the article what I found most amazing was the fact that the Google Android operating system collects 10 times more data on its users than the iPhone operating system.

How to fix this? Well there isn’t a whole lot you can do if the app developer doesn’t inform you of third-party collection. It’s possible to research every app you install to see if anyone has posted negative information concerning personal data theft – theft is the way I look at it if you are not informed properly. Even if they bury it in legal speak acknowledgements I would call them out on that as well.

What makes it harder to fix some of these issues is highlighted in another article from February 2018 Tucker Carlson reporting that the Google Android phone still collects your physical location even when the phone is in airplane mode or disconnected from the network. In their report there were hundreds of KiloBytes sent to Google once the devices were connected to the network. Advertisers can use your location data for targeted ads since they know the places you visited.

Google Excuse?

Google defends this practice saying the user has full control to turn anything off at any time or delete their history. That is easier said than done as you don’t want to have to invest a good part of your day just cleaning up what they collect. It should be plain and simple to understand how to disengage these apps from collecting your information. Even when you do turn off location history some apps are still storing data based on research the Associated Press conducted.

As this subject is very intriguing to me I will continue to research and find interesting news and information on this topic.