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Whether it’s HIPAA Compliance, network setup, training or computer repair – Menozzi IT Solutions is your trusted one stop for everything IT!


What We Do

HIPAA Compliance & Management

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Your professional services require professional IT engineers to assess, management and maintain the complex nature and environment of HIPAA compliance – exactly what Menozzi IT Solutions provides.

System Management & Monitoring

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Your network, computers and other IT assets benefit immensely from proper monitoring and management.  Menozzi IT Solutions provides constant monitoring, patch management and security protection to ensure the highest business continuity.

Technology Training & Education

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Not all software is easy to learn through trial and error – sometimes professional training is needed for business specific software or for training new personnel in a timely manner.  We provide general IT education to complex training on software created for your business needs.

Computer repair and maintenance

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Even with the latest and greatest information technology components there will always be some failures, either through general crashes, misconfiguration, worn out components or operator error.  All of this and more can be solved by our engineers.

Virus and Spyware Removal

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Sometimes, even with the best intentions and software a virus, malware or spyware can make it into your computers or network.  We can isolate the threat, repair and have your system back in operation.  After the repair we can assist in finding a solution to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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With the cost of cloud and local storage at an all-time low – everyone should be using some form of backing up data.  For our business and healthcare clients we can design a solutions that best fits your needs and budget to ensure your business continuity. 

Network Design

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Even the simplest of home networks can provide a way in for cyber threats and not having the right solutions in place can have devastating impact to your business.  We can design and setup your network with appropriate routers, modems, switches and firewalls to ensure you are as secure and efficient as possible.

Cloud Services

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Cloud computing and storage are not a luxury that only large businesses can implement anymore – with the drop in storage prices, hardware and ever increasing internet bandwidth the reality of running your business or storing your data in the cloud is an affordable reality.  We will analyze your current requirements to see if this technology solution can benefit your business needs.

Cyber Security

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The bad guys are getting more and more skilled at their ability to compromise residential and business computers and networks.  Threats range from phishing attempts to human manipulation and all pose a threat to your systems and data.  We provide detailed analysis to ensure your systems are protected and if not, engineer a secure solution.


What People Are Saying

He is HIGHLY qualified, patient, honest, thorough, willing to explain, and an EDUCATED expert at what he does. Simply put, he offers the best IT solutions you can find.

Barbara D.

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My husband and I own a local Dental practice in CS for over 14 years. During that time we’ve worked with a plethora of IT/Security individuals/companies, however he is knowledgeable in so many areas of IT/Security/HIPPA compliance and more. I rarely endorse a company that I’ve not personally used. Michael is reliable, trustworthy, affordable hard working, diligent and extremely, extremely knowledgeable in all arenas of IT technology and beyond.
Naomi D.

Alliance Family Dentistry

GEEK SQUAD told me the HD was dead and that they could do nothing. I was sad because I had my wedding pictures and my sons baby pictures in there. Michael was able to recover all my pictures and even my music!! I am so grateful and happy to have come to Michael! I highly recommend his services!
Marion E.

From Facebook

Michael has helped my family and I several times. Most recently today he spent several hours getting my home network up, running and optimized for our usage. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We know who to call for our tech needs!
Chris R.

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